Development Environment

Getting started

Cloning the repository

To get started, clone this repository locally.

git clone --recursive
cd aegir

Installing prerequisites

Local development of Ægir is accomplished using Vagrant and Virtualbox. Install them as you would other packages on your OS.

sudo apt install vagrant virtualbox

Setting up a local instance

Now that the required prerequisites are installed, the first step is to build a local Vagrant box.

  1. Bootstrap Drumkit. Note the space, as we’re sourcing this file, in order to load some environment variable, etc.
    • . d
  2. Build VM images.
    • make boxes
  3. Once the boxes are built, you can start up a VM, and install Ægir easily. This will provision a local development site.
    • vagrant up
  4. Once the VM is up, and provisioning is complete, you’ll need to add an entry in your /etc/hosts.
    • aegir.vm
  5. With that done, visit http://aegir.vm, and login using:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: pwd

Working on development issues

Check out the feature branch that you want to work on.

git checkout 6-base-profile-feature