This sequence represents the user (DevOps Engineer) interacting with the Aegir frontend to initiate an Operation via a Platform or Site (Aegir Entity):

sequenceDiagram participant U as User participant P as Platform/Site participant O as Operation participant T as Task participant Q as Queue activate U U->>P: Views platform page activate P loop Operations view P->>O: List operations activate O alt status == dispatched O-->>P: Disabled “Run” button else status != dispatched O-->>P: Enabled “Run” button end deactivate O end P-->>U: Display operations deactivate P alt Operation requires user input U->>O: Trigger ("run") operation activate O loop Inline forms O->>T: Build task form activate T T-->>O: Return task form deactivate T end O-->>U: Open operation form modal dialog deactivate O U->>O: Fills form & dispatches operation activate O else No user input required, dispatch directly U->>O: Trigger ("run") operation end deactivate U O->>P: Marshal platform variables activate P loop All platform operations P->>+O: Marshal operation variables loop All operation tasks O->>T: Marshal task variables activate T T-->>O: Return task variables deactivate T end O-->>-P: Return operation variables end P-->>O: Return platform variables deactivate P loop Operation tasks O->>T: Marshal task roles activate T T-->>O: Return task roles deactivate T end O->>Q: Dispatch to backend deactivate O # # Note right of T: Rational thoughts

This sequence illustrates the flow from an Operation being triggered to run, through placing a task on the queue, running the backend playbook, and getting feedback returned to the frontend.

sequenceDiagram participant P as Platform/Site participant O as Operation participant Q as Queue participant W as Worker participant A as Ansible activate Q activate W Q->>W: Receives operation Note over W: Write temporary playbook and vars W->>A: Execute temporary playbook activate A loop Every second W->>A: Poll for output A-->>W: Return latest output W->>O: Send output to front-end log end opt If needed A->>P: Updates values in front-end end A-->>W: Sends return code deactivate A W->>O: Sends return code activate O Note over O: Parses output to update operation status O->>P: Update operation status deactivate O deactivate W deactivate Q