Development Environment

Getting started

Cloning the repository

To get started, clone this repository locally.

git clone --recursive
cd aegir

Installing prerequisites

Local development of Ægir is accomplished using Lando. Install it and its requirements as you would other packages on your OS.

Setting up a local instance

Now that the required prerequisites are installed, the first step is to build a local Vagrant box.

  1. Bootstrap Drumkit. Note the space, as we’re sourcing this file, in order to load some environment variable, etc.
    • . d
  2. Start Lando containers, build the Aegir codebase, install and enable dev tools.
    • make start build dev
  3. With that done, visit, and login using:
    • Username: dev
    • Password: pwd

Working on development issues

Check out the feature branch that you want to work on.

git checkout 6-base-profile-feature