Welcome to Ægir

NB This project documentation is under active development. Suggestions and feedback welcome!

NOTE: This documentation is specific to Ægir 5.x, hosted and developed at

Ægir 5.x is a full re-write using Drupal 8.

It is currently in pre-alpha development, and thus not yet fully functional.

Aegir 3.x remains the supported release.

Check out for more information. Professional support, training, consulting and other services are offered by the Ægir Cooperative.

Ægir is a framework for hosting and managing websites and other applications.

Ægir is built as a Drupal distribution, making it both easy to self-host, integrate with other tools and services, and extend with plugins, themes or custom code.

See our Roadmap!

This documentation is designed primarily for the following audiences:

  • Users: those looking to use Ægir to install and manage a website or other supported application.
  • Administrators: those looking to host Ægir on their own infrastructure.
  • Developers: those looking to add new features, enhance or fix bugs in existing ones or otherwise extend Ægir.