Aegir5 Roadmap

Aegir5 is pre-alpha softare

The software is in pre-alpha development stage. Having prototyped the basic architectural pieces to prove its utility, we are focused on documenting and consolidating things, so that we can better enable the Aegir community to participate in the project.

Community feedback

We are currently working on elaborating Features in terms of User Stories and broken up into themed Releases. Together, these describe the core workflows needed in an MVP Aegir5 release. The sub-epics and issues describe the core behaviour as we understand it. We are actively seeking feedback directly on these RFC issues , to validate:

  1. We have described a coherent and reasonable set of behaviours for the system
  2. What are the priorities of the community, to evaluate what to work on first

Guiding principles

  • Aegir5 encodes “best practices” for applications lifecycle management in a modern software development world.
  • Aegir5 supports both the Dev and Ops sides of the Dev/Ops framework with flexibility to define how linked the two are.
  • Aegir5 is straightforward to customize and extend without needing extensive knowledge of Aegir internals.

Developer participation

Aegir 5 is in open development at This roadmap will be regularly updated as we iterate, to reflect current progress and status.

We are currently engaged in an agile estimation & planning cycle, in an effort to reboot Aegir5 development in the open.

Historical Trajectory