Operation Sequence

This sequence illustrates the flow from an Operation being triggered to run, through placing a task on the queue, running the backend playbook, and getting feedback returned to the frontend.

sequenceDiagram participant P as Platform/Site participant O as Operation participant Q as Queue participant W as Worker participant A as Ansible activate Q activate W Q->>W: Receives operation Note over W: Write temporary playbook and vars W->>A: Execute temporary playbook activate A loop Every second W->>A: Poll for output A-->>W: Return latest output W->>O: Send output to front-end log end opt If needed A->>P: Updates values in front-end end A-->>W: Sends return code deactivate A W->>O: Sends return code activate O Note over O: Parses output to update operation status O->>P: Update operation status deactivate O deactivate W deactivate Q